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Canon CIty, Colorado at the Abbey in the St. Joseph's Building
Our Missions
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Kenya Mission
It was back 2002 that the Lord led our ministry to become involved with Pastor Gideon and the work he is carrying forth in Kenya. With his wife Evelyn and the rest of their team, they have carried on faithfully with planting churches, making disciples, and carrying for orphans.

Over the years we have been truly blessed by Gideon and his determined faith to overcome so many taunting challenges while embracing sound doctrine and avoiding the many temptations of false Christianity.  We whole heartily endorse this like-minded ministry as our missionary partners.

This fall (October 2015), Pastor Gideon made a way (with the Lord working miracles) to come to our fellowship and share his life's testimony and the vision the Lord has given him and his team. View online here

You are invited to listen to the message Pastor Gideon gave on Kenya to why we support this work. Your donations go directly to Pastor Gideon and on his behalf we thank you for your prayers and financial support.

For more information on our Kenya Mission - click here.
Pastor Gideon and  Evelyn
Philippine Mission
Pastor Dave works with his wife ministering in the Philippines. He pastors a small fellowship and is planting churches in various areas just east of Manilla. Years ago Pastor Dave had the opportunity to work with the Philippine community in Hawaii, but chose to stay and work with the indigenous peoples of the Philippines. It was in February 2016 that I met Pastor Dave and had the privilege to share a message at one of his street rallies where he is starting another mission and small fellowship.