MC Chapel Fellowship's
During the Week Bible Study
Learn, as we study God's word to discern the voice of Christ and be led by the Holy Spirit.
  • We will start with the review the gospel of Matthew.
  • Then move right along into the books of Ephesians and Philippians to understand the nature of Christ and how that nature becomes our new nature.
  • Next we will discover the book of James as it relates to trials and issues of the heart.
  • Then we will tackle Peter and John's epistles to round out our study with the more challenging aspects of discenment and how to avoid Satan's traps.
Mark's ability and gifting to instruct and exhort from the word of God is insightful, challenging and uplifting; in patience he is able to explain the harder teachings of Christ and Scripture. Mark shares the preaching and teaching aspects of MC Chapel Fellowship and mentors others in our fellowship.

Years of ministry, leadership, mentoring and counseling experience, along with the gifts of the Spirit has proven Mark is very effective in helping others work through the most difficult challenges. Like all the team members, Mark can empathize with those challenges in becoming whole in Christ.

Pastor Mark Otto leads this MCCF Bible study and helps illuminate the deeper aspects of growing in Christ and obeying His voice.