Charles Pretlow - Senior Pastor, Counselor, and Author

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1 Corinthians 1:18

Together we are -
     growing up into Christ
       and learning to walk in
         His presence and His power!

Canon CIty, Colorado at the Abbey in the St. Joseph's Building
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Pastor Pretlow has nearly three decades experience in ministry, pastoral counseling and leadership training. He completed his basic Bible classes at Seattle Pacific College and finished his undergraduate work at Central Washington University. It was in 1973, while in the Marines, that he came to know Christ and then in 1974 started his ministerial work. In the ensuing years, he has seen much confusion within the body of Christ due to false doctrines leaving naive and wounded Christians bewildered and hopeless.

In 1988 Charles answered the call to address these problems and started a counseling and mentoring ministry and in 1990 he founded a non-denominational home fellowship. He relies on his rounded knowledge and understanding of Scripture and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to accurately address the hidden issues that cause besetting symptoms that plague so many Christians today.

His heart is for God's people to wake up before it's too late, in the hope that sincere Christians become prepared for the difficult times that lie ahead as we approach the end-of-this-age.

He continues to minister, counsel, and is preparing to publish his next book, Midnight Cry Awakening.

Mark Otto - Associate Pastor and Counselor

Years of ministry, leadership, mentoring and counseling experience, along with the gifts of the Spirit has proven Mark is very effective in helping others work through the most difficult challenges. Like all the team members, Mark can empathize with those challenges in becoming whole in Christ. Mark's ability and gifting to instruct and exhort from the word of God is insightful, challenging and uplifting; in patience he is able to explain the harder teachings of Christ and Scripture. Mark shares the preaching and teaching aspects of MC Chapel Fellowship and mentors others in our fellowship.

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