There are powerful life changing and healing principles in Scripture. When understood, applied, and working with the Holy Spirit and assisted by trained Christian workers (facilitators), those in crisis can jump start their life back into living. Many have received help and worked their way back from just surviving.
    No other recovery program can facilitate wholeness and complete recovery, then that of God's plan of salvation (recovery) in Christ. For Christians struggling with their walk with Christ, suffering from instability and addictions, there is hope!
   Jump Start Life Now is the result of over 30 years of counseling, mentoring, and restoration work performed by our senior pastor. Aided by the  MC Chapel Fellowship's ministry team. working in conjunction with the local homeless shelter we provide twice weekly life skills classes that incorporate the teaching of Christ and Scripture to reignite hope, faith, and the willingness to work with God to become whole and stable. With our book publishing division of ministry, we publish and print the Jump Start Life Now recovery book for those staying in the shelter.
    Jump Start Life Now meetings are closed to the public, exclusively presented to Loaves and Fishes of Fremont county homeless shelter residence. For information on how you can help support this work contact Brandon Frazier at (888) 575-9626 Ext 741 e-mail:
    Jump Start Life Day Center was formed to meet the growing need for the homeless in our community, to have a place to go to during the day for lunch, rest and help finding a job, and interacting with various agencies and making medical and dental appointments. Our ministry provides a self-serve lunch, a lounge area with TV DVD, use of phone, fax, and help in setting up gmail e-mail accounts. We provide two workstations for work on resume and cover letter, a free thumb drive for file storage, Internet access for job search and Wi-Fi access to the Internet for personal devices. Pastoral counseling is available , also limited transportation. For information on how you can help support this work contact Adam Cubbage at (888) 575-9626 Ext 740  e-mail:

We appreciate your prayers, financial support, or gifts to meet our needs for this ministry. View our ministry needs list here.

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Jump Start Life - Ministry to those in Crisis and Homeless
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