Your prayers and gifts for the following items will be most appreciated in ministry to the homeless and those in crisis.

Weekly consumables:
  • Paper plates (normal size)
  • Plastic spoons and plastic knives.
  • Paper towels and napkins.
  • Mustard, Mayo, Ketchup in squeeze bottles only.
  • Store bought packaged sliced lunch meats.
  • Store bought loaves of bread.
  • Packaged single serving of chips (potato, doritos, etc.)
  • Fresh single serving yogurt, putting, or jello deserts
  • Bottled water
  • Coffee, tea, cans of juice or soda
  • Copy paper and laser toner
Major Items:
  • Passenger Van
  • Laser printer
  • Desk Top Computer
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Canon CIty, Colorado at the Abbey in the St. Joseph's Building
Jump Start Life - Day Center Needs List
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