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1 Corinthians 1:18

Together we are -
     growing up into Christ
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Canon CIty, Colorado at the Abbey in the St. Joseph's Building
About Pastor Gideon and Kenya
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Fellowship and Discipleship Building
Evangelism and Church Planting
Orphans and Building an Orphanage... by hand
As a Pastor, Gideon, his wife Evelyn and his team care for their fellowship in making disciples. Kenya is challenging with the lack of food, threat of Islamic terrorists, and little resources, yet the fellowship thrives with the power of God.
Pastor Gideon and his team travel throughout parts of Kenya evangelizing, witnesing and planting churches. Often they travel by bicycle for miles. Their work is backed the Holy Spirit where true conversion take place as many continue to come to Christ in their outreach efforts.
Kenya struggles with many children abandoned or left parentless from death of both parents by sickness and discease. Gideon and his wife Evelyn have two children of their own and also have 4 orphans. The team in Kenya are starting to build an orphanage and making bricks by hand.